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Beyond the monitor

The guy with the snake tattoo

Technology Junkie

Offline, I hold a bachelors degree in cybersecurity and work as an information security engineer. I've been dealing with computers for most of my life, having received my first computer running Windows XP when I was still in elementary school. I built my own PC back in high school when I landed my first IT job doing web development part time and have continuously swapped out new parts over the years.

In my free time I dabble around with virtual reality, computer programming, modding cars, a little bit of pentesting, and more. I occasionally play video games such as Star Citizen, Animal Crossing, CoD, Escape From Tarkov, and VRChat as well. I'm also an audiophile with a passion for hip-hop.

Outside of technology I enjoy creative writing and world building, camping and hiking, going to the shooting range, and taking roadtrips. I try to make it out to Anthrocon and Midwest FurFest every year and I love traveling to unfamiliar places.

The Cyber Fen

Alpha Lupi (α Lup) ➟ The brightest star in Lupus, the wolf constellation
,.~*´¨¯¨`*·~.¸( Male ✹ Fennec ✹ Cybernetic ),.~*´¨¯¨`*·~.¸
Certified packet sniffer and space traveling fennec
︻╦╤─ Alpha Lupi
Who am I?
I’m a young techie with a passion for science fiction, especially anthropomorphic animals and cyberpunk themes. I enjoy working with computers and new technology, I dabble in programming and penetration testing, and I work on building the World of Alpha Lupi whenever I can.
The Cybernetic Fennec

Alpha Lupi

Certified packet sniffer and space traveling fennec

Hewwo I am Cyber Fen‚ will you be my Cyber Fren?

Smol fen boyo

Taken, I love my amazing yeen!


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