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Who is Alpha Lupi?

The fennec in cyberspace

More than just some script kitty

Alpha Lupi is a computer hacking fennec fox located in Eos, a habitable Earth-like moon orbiting a ringed gas giant. He is easily identifiable by his red cybernetic eye. Along with his buddies, he runs with an organized crime syndicate known as "the K9 unit".

In the world we live in, computer hacking and programming is something taken for granted as it is a skill that can easily be learned by anyone with a drive and some time to spare. However, things in Eos are very different. Technology megacorps heavily censor any information related to how computers and networking function in order to maintain their dominance in the market. There is no search engines or public open-source code repositories to get this knowledge from.

Alpha's short stature and well-mannered behavior can be very misleading. When he's not attempting to evade FNE law enforcement, Alpha can usually be found messing around in places he has no permission to access.

Alpha spends most of his free time off-planet in his own personal spaceship in the tranquility of the star-filled cosmos.

Disclaimer: While this should go without saying, Alpha is a FICTITIOUS character. The author does not condone attempting any real world illegal activities. Always receive permission before attempting any penetration tests, and drugs are bad, mkay?

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